National Review Has Notorious RBG Sadz: She Totally Destroys The Rule Of Law

Check out this closing paragraph:

“The Notorious R.B.G.” is not the beneficiary of a grand expansion of imagination, a leap to a higher plane of Being. She is the result of an ideology of womanhood that has been militantly enforced on American politics and culture over the past half-century, not by latter-day Susan B. Anthonys but by knockoff Betty Friedans. Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s own service has been to impose that ideology on the law not from a seat in the legislature, but from her perch on the judges’ bench. By doing so, she has helped to legitimize the reduction of the Constitution and the entire judicial apparatus to an instrument for political gain, and to enshrine a vision of modern womanhood that cheerfully eviscerates any woman who believes otherwise. The Left thinks that is something to be celebrated?

Good grief.