Scott Lively: Obama Started The Ukraine Conflict To Punish Russia On LGBT Rights

“Regardless of where one stands on Ukraine or Vladimir Putin, just for a moment consider where the pro-family movement would be if it hadn’t been for the Ukraine coup. Russia would still be (relatively speaking) a respected member of the international community offering an alternative, genuinely pro-family model for social policy. There would likely be at least a half-dozen nations which would have adopted the anti-propaganda law for themselves (with many more considering it) and there would be a healthy international debate raging on pro-family vs LGBT visions for the future. I believe the tide would probably have begun to turn in our favor, at least on the global scene, if not yet in the US or EU. Is it really so far-fetched to believe that morally wicked, Imperialistic, Alinsky-ite Obama (credibly alleged to be a homosexual himself) started the Ukrainian civil war to punish Russia for opposing the ‘core value’ of America, the priority of his State Department? Or (more importantly to the ‘gays’) to prevent the Russians from leading a pro-family counter-revolution in the world?” – Scott Lively, writing for his personal site.

  • anne marie in philly

    WTF is this asshole smoking? STFU!

  • BearEyes

    And Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine had nothing to do with it.

    • LookielouE1707

      Obama’s thugs, cleverly disguised as Russian partisans, invaded Ukraine to reward Ukraine for its pro-homosexual agenda.

  • Rebecca Gardner


    It has to be related to religion. If you can believe invisible cloud fairies are real then you can convince yourself to believe anything no matter how incredibly illogical and stupid it is.

  • Billanddogs

    Oh dear, he’s got his tinfoil hat out of the sock drawer again.

  • John

    As we all know, Abraham Lincoln started the Civil War to forward his pro-invert (19th century word for homo) agenda. And dagnabbit, if the Great Emancipator didn’t fool just about everyone!

  • Joe in PA

    Is it really so far-fetched to believe…. Apparently not for you. Wow, talk about unhinged.

    • HadenoughBS

      Lively is so unhinged his jaw squeaks every time he opens his mouth to spew forth his homophobic rhetoric.

      • Mike in NC

        Unhinging his jaw? Isn’t that how a snake swallows prey bigger than its head?

    • When one engages in holocaust revisionism to the point that a group that was a major victim of the NAZI party becomes the main power behind the NAZI party then anything becomes believable.

      Honestly in this case it isn’t even much of a stretch, if one believes that the US, EU, and by extension NATO are all evil because they represent a strong base of support for gay rights then it is easy to see Russia as the knight in shining armor, fighting back against the “bad guys” by using military force to keep eastern European nations under its sphere of influence.

    • Herald

      Lively is graphically showing just how delusional and probably insane he is., Any psychologists or psychologists here who care to comment on that?

      Sadly, I know folks who will believe the insane drivel he is putting out.

      • He believes what ever he says, which changes to screw over the maximum number of people. He’s an extreme malignant narcissist, type psychopathic/successful

      • Latebrosus

        The pathology is absolutely jaw-dropping. It’s been said before, but this man thinks about gays more than I do. And I’m gay!

    • Gerry Fisher

      Schizotypal Personality Disorder, perhaps?

  • Mark

    Scotty. Just know I am praying day and night for your stroke.

  • vorpal

    For fuck’s sake, douchebag: stop pretending that anti-LGBT views are somehow “pro-family.” They’re not. Your views are about as anti-family as they get, as they tear families apart and withhold rights and protections from families.

    • Orwellian double-speak is standard operating procedure for the anti-gays, they are all about flipping reality on its head and portraying themselves as the exact opposite of what they really are. it’s a movement that is 100% defined by deception.

      • vorpal

        I fully agree. I just wonder how much they actually believe this ridiculous narrative that they keep telling themselves.

        • Gene

          the scary thing…yeah, they believe it. they live in a cocoon of right wing and fundamentalist news, and are only NOW realizing that the bulk of the US does not share their view on (name the issue, from the environment to faith to abortion to gay rights etc…..liberals, and many gays, living in large urban areas fall into this trap also. its easy to do) and they are shitting their pants out of fear and near desperation.
          they believe all the shit this guy says. they did not get the ideas from him, they already thought this way. he is just one of the few saying it as honestly and out loud.

  • shellback


    • He would but his Russian puppet masters want him to remain as a Russian operative in the US. And honestly, we know for a fact that Russia is funding far right nationalist groups in EU nations in an attempt to weaken them, would it be surprising if Russian money was also flowing into anti-gay, pro Russian voices here in the states?

  • crewman

    Let’s say you want to arrive at the conclusion that gays are evil and somehow the cause of all conflict. How could you reverse engineer some current catastrophe or conflict to arrive at a story that would naturally seem to lead to blaming gays for that catastrophe or conflict? Ask Lively. He literally makes a living at doing just that around the world.

    • vorpal

      …but just remember that he resents being called anti-gay and that he claims to wuv gay people!

      • MDB

        Oh ‘that’s’ why there’s a knife in my back….I was wondering why I couldn’t move ???

        • Todd20036

          Um… body piercing?

    • Frostbite

      “Mr. Lively, be careful or we’ll drop a house on you too.”

    • Who better then a holocaust revisionist to flip the narrative to make Russia look like the good guy, doing the world a favor by repressing its own population and invading neighboring nations to keep the evil gay agenda at bay? I would say Putin should hire Scott Lively but then again he probably is already on the payroll.

  • furyatx

    Scotty has been snorting the magic fairy dust again and rubbing icy hot on his balls. Get the net!

  • bkmn

    I think his right wing bubble is running out of oxygen.

    • Mark

      And it can’t happen soon enough.

  • There are times I think that it’s a pity President Obama is not the all-powerful despotic authoritarian Stalinist/Leninist dear leader that all these folks portray him to be. Because if he were, one remark like this from Scotty and there would have been a bloody brain stain against some brick wall and we’d never have heard from Scotty again.

    • Octoberfurst

      There are times when I too wish that Obama was a dictator just like the crazy Right thinks he is. Just for one day is all I would ask for. Then we wouldn’t be bothered with hateful loons like Lively, Fischer, Porno Pete, etc. They would all be splatters against a wall.

      • Ah, but he’s not and he won’t be but their nipples still get rock hard at the idea of it.

        • IamM

          For people who constantly wail about the supposed dictatorial tyranny of President Obama using his office’s powers to do his job, they’re remarkably unconcerned about our spy and police services operating without oversight or accountability.


  • the mutt

    Anti-gay much? Ooops, you don’t want to be called that, my bad.

  • Dramphooey

    He is literally Lord Haw Haw. The Nazi propaganda in 1939 was, believe it or not, that Germany counterattacked after a Polish invasion.

    • Craig Howell

      The Nazis even had film, so it must have happened!

    • DonnaLee

      I was going to say more He Haw, but I actually thought that show was cute and corny.

    • Yeah, which explains why the Polish forces were all hiding in Poland’s woods

  • Dan

    Is it really so far fetched that Scott Lively (credibly alleged to be a child rapist) continued his anti-Obama rants only to distract the world from his baby organ stealing and sex trade business?

    • Bad Tom

      There’s gotta be blood diamonds in there someplace, too.

  • Tor

    Throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks.

  • dcurlee

    Keep believing you bs

  • Gene Perry

    “morally wicked, Imperialistic, Alinsky-ite Obama (credibly alleged to be a homosexual himself)” … wow! Amazed Scotty got all that into one sentence!

    • Eric in Oakland

      And isn’t it funny how Obama is criticised for being anti-imperialistic by some and imperialistic by others? Or communist as well as fascist? His critics can’t seem to make up their minds about why they hate him, or what he’s doing wrong.

    • Friday

      Meanwhile, at the John Birch Society: “That lunatic Scott Lively is trying to join again.”

  • Wow….the full piece is worth the read; Scott Lively is now full on an advocate of Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. And of course he would be, he wants nations to be aligned with anti-gay Russia instead of the Pro-Gay EU and if military force is needed to keep nations in the anti-gay camp then Scott Lively will back that.

    To be clear, the anti-gay activists don’t care about American interests, they care about advancing the anti-gay ideology and if that means turning on the US and supporting the dictatorship in Russia then that’s just what they will do.

  • Baltimatt

    Get the net already!

  • He is also delusional to believe that Russia would have been able to lead some global “counter-revolution” and “turn the tide” against gay rights. Even if Russia hadn’t shown its true colors to the world its ability to spread its anti-gay agenda would still have been limited. It may have had more success spreading to Eastern Europe but that’s about it, no one else was going to follow the Russian model because it was a terrible model, regardless of how much holocaust revisionist Scott Lively fawned over it.

    • Delusional? You think he believes ANYTHING?
      He’s a psychopath

  • Berkshire_Boy

    I suppose there is some point to continuing to document the ravings of extreme fringe lunatics like Scott Lively, but at some point you have to just shrug and move on. Sooner or later he will drop the seventh veil and be arrested for something icky. He will probably finish his days wandering through Times Square wearing a sandwich board proclaiming “The End Is Near!” and muttering obscenities to himself.

    • canoebum

      Isn’t that basically what he’s doing now?

    • ColdCountry

      Except that this lunatic, no matter how fringe, does appear to have influence in the world. I think we’d ignore him at our peril.

  • zhera

    Thanks, Obama!

    (no really, thanks!)

    Could someone please have Mr. Vilely committed?

  • John Calendo

    Yeah, Scott, it’s as far-fetched as your use of the word “credibly.” How fucking crazy are you?

  • “Healthy international debate” – There is nothing healthy about taking the position that slavery is good, that chemical weapons are good, that nuclear war is good, that pedophilia is good – and there is nothing healthy about taking a position against LGBT rights. Indeed, supporting LGBT rights *is* quintessentially “pro family.”

    As usual, Scott’s lack of cognizance of justice and morality makes him deadly.

  • RGG

    He must be laying the ground work for an insanity plea in his Crimes Againt Humanity trial.

  • William

    And how exactly did Mr Obama get Russia to invade Crimea months before Ukrainian president Yanukovych was run out of town?

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    The medical tests are conclusive……

  • JW Swift

    So he really DOES support the kind of “pro-family counter-revolution” that a Communist government would wage? I’m having a hard time accepting that he and his ilk wouldn’t have a problem with the politics and tactics and ultimate goals of a Russian “counter-revolution”.

    If he’s truly on-board with their goals, even most of them, then fine. If not, then he’s a full-on hypocrite. (Not that any of us didn’t already know that.)

  • BudClark

    LIVELY: Tar. Feather. Run. Out. Of. Town. On. Rail.

  • Fyva Prold

    >Alinsky-ite Obama (credibly alleged to be a homosexual himself)

    Not as credibly as Scott himself is.

    • JJS_prime

      I doubt Scott is gay. I think he is one of these master-haters who can’t believe anyone can be gay friendly without being gay themselves.

      • Yeah, seems more likely.

        He can’t imagine anyone liking anyone whom isn’t an ideological clone of themselves whom is also the same race and faith.

        Though if he IS a closet case, woo boy that’s a mess that would take a whole team of psychologists to deal with!

  • JJS_prime

    Russia has had a habit of taking over other peoples’ countries ever since it was the Duchy of Muskovy. They do not need, and certainly do not want, advice from an American president to continue that pattern.

    • ColdCountry

      At least England stopped. Eventually.

  • Blake Jordan

    But remember, he is not anti-gay (anti-LGBT)!

  • JR

    Can we just kick this traitor out of this country. He seems a lot more aligned with Russia or Uganda. Let him go there — and stay gone.

  • MAP

    When does his ass go on trial ?

  • Raising_Rlyeh

    If we gays were really that influential and powerful you would not have been able to do the things you did. Fuck you.

  • Todd E.

    The tin foil is strong in that one….

    • Friday

      I think his is leaking, actually. 🙂

  • Bj Lincoln

    That is a stretch.
    I hate that “pro-family” crap. If they really were “pro-family”, they would encourage equal marriage. They seem to forget that we already have families and will continue to have families no matter what the law says. We just want our families to have the SAME rights and protections.
    When is his trial?

    • Herald

      The “pro-family” crap is like the “pro-life” bit where they care about the fetus but once it is born they do not want to provide for health, nutritional and other supportive care for the woman or baby. Also the “pro-lifers” are among the most ardent supporters of the death penalty. This “pro” camp is often anything but.

      • Oh they don’t ‘even care about the fetus. They certainly don’t want to support pregnant mothers, that’s for sure.

        • Herald

          Support the woman? Why would they do that it is the fetus that they are all worked up about. You see this in the laws they pass that do not include any allowance for the life and health of the woman; Remember the level of basic biology these people know, as evidenced in all the insane Republican comments about rape and women’s health issues.

          • I’d be entirely unsurprised that they’d think that fetuses just magically pop out of women without anything going in to them other than the use of the womb.

      • IamM

        They put far more effort into making abortion unavailable than they do making it unnecessary. Contraception is cheap. Comprehensive sex-ed, unlike abstinence only propaganda, decreases unwanted pregnancies. ……

        • O, yes! The Hobby Lobby decision mandates conceiving a rapist’s baby, a huge adulteration of women’s bodies. They are pro-Adultery

      • That’s where Lively came from- Operation Rescue. He was in Portland OR trying to give up being a drunk. He & Osama are the biggest reasons people should stay drunk

  • Friday

    Man, Lively’s really having to pull out all of the stops to stay more insane than the right-wing lunatics that actually get *elected.* Stiff competition out there, when you think about it.

    Soon the day will come when the Teabaggers are going to realize, “Wow, this is stupid, they’ve totally been having us on,” and then sanity will be restored so suddenly that no one will know what hit them.

    Or…. Those people born since the air’s not been full of ethyl lead fumes will have a lot of raving drool to wipe up.

  • Barry William Teske

    Just another in the list of full blown lies that will be presented in a court of law.
    Crimes against humanity Mr Lively.
    You best focus on that…

    ( Lots of focus when you need ‘donations’ but none when required to tell the truth. Funny that.)

  • Man, wouldn’t that be nice, though? Obama’s the most pro-equality president ever in terms of support for sexual minorities, to be sure, but he hasn’t gone that far for us. I do like to think that the sanctions are at leats partially motivated by Putin being a homophobic power-monger Stalin-wannabe.

  • TheManicMechanic

    Will someone please draw a very nasty picture of Mohammed and sign this guy’s name to it already?

  • Lawerence Collins

    Fish gotta swim.
    Birds gotta fly.
    My Mimi’s gotta lick her paws.
    Liars gotta lie.
    Grifters lotta grift.
    Human rights violators gotta violate people’s rights. Hey Scotty?
    Whatever happened to his trial?

  • DaveMiller135

    “Is it really so far-fetched…”

    Yeah, it kind of is.

  • Michael Hampton

    Perhaps he forgot that Putin invaded the Ukraine. Obama didn’t invade Russia. He is a moron.

    • Daniel

      No; that’s why the good lord gave us Velcro.

      • Wait… I thought that was so we could get out of our pants faster?

        • Daniel

          Well, actually, it’s so we can get Scott Lively’s ilk into straitjackets faster.

  • Gerry Fisher

    Scott lied down with a dog and got fleas. Clearly, Obama planted the fleas.

    • Scott is a dog breeding fleas, a pestilence who has been federally charged

  • What ever happened to his court case? Is it still pending, or gag me, did he actually win?

    • Not scheduled, ah bleve

      • shit. i keep hoping they will lock this waste of skin and h2o up and toss the key far far away, so that even a hobbit couldn’t find it.

  • Sean

    Blah blah blah Nope.

    Once again the non-human, anti-family, anti-freedom, anti-American, blood thirsty, pure evil, Nazi savage filth Scott Lively is cheering the rape, torture, beating, imprisonment, silencing, and murder of LGBT children, teens, and adults just for living as well as straight people who protect and support their LGBT family, friends, and neighbors and for that it will be punished in the way Heinrich Himmler would have had the coward not killed itself before it can be punished for its crimes against humanity.

  • JCF

    Ukrainian-Americans (Ukrainians everywhere), have at him. Go nuts! We’re with you (“enemy of my enemy…”)

  • TampaZeke

    Joe, I think you forgot to add the “not-anti-gay” label.

  • TampaZeke

    Why is it that fundamentalist Christians are ALWAYS the first and the most loyal disciples of fascist dictators?

  • teedofftaxpayer

    This dimwit does know that Russia attacked Ukraine right? They supplied the Ukraine Russians with arms.

  • billbear1961

    Why don’t you go back to taking drugs in the sewer, you sadistic, bloodthirsty MANIAC?

    Back THEN you only harmed yourself, and “Jesus” MIGHT have been your friend.

    Now you make his spirit VOMIT every time you open your foul TRAP to spew hatred and lies in his name!

    • A TRILLION TIMES YES DEAR BEAR! It bends or breaks Joe’s rules, but with good opportunity I might accept the responsibility to kill Lively to slow his endless distortion of truth, history and the Nazi legacy, which maim, imprison and murder our brothers, our sisters and even straights, worldwide. Free speech does not incite murder, Scott- you evil excresence! Nor for me either: Something horrid’d rise in your place. I hope the federal trial for crimes against humanity happens soon. May he be imprisoned in Texas, where he’ll have to convert to Islam, or give up the beard.

      • billbear1961

        If they’ll listen to this obviously insane monster, they’d find an excuse to listen to ANY delusional maniac or charlatan who can put two words together to spew hate, Jay.

        The man is a moral SEWER.

        There will always be an audience eager for obscenities like his.

        The real danger is when good people do little or nothing to STOP or counter them.

        They’ve always got an EXCUSE to do NOTHING to stop them!

        No one gives a damn until it’s TOO LATE.

        It’s how we may very well lose our democracy, and how the world may descend into a SLAUGHTERHOUSE.

        People make me sick.

        • “People make me sick.”
          If it helps any, he’s incompletely human.
          As the Dalai Lama points out, “Psychopaths lead undeveloped human lives.”