The Calendar Girls Of Wingnutistan

The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute has issued the 2010 Great American Conservative Women calendar featuring Ann Coulter, Carrie Prejean, Phyllis Schafly, Michele Bachmann, Michelle Malkin, Star Parker, Bay Buchanan, and several lesser known crazies.

It features 11 conservative women, including former Miss California Carrie Prejean, who made national headlines this spring when she did not support gay marriage during the Miss USA pageant. A group shot of all the women features Bachmann and Prejean standing next to each other (below). Bachmann (Miss November) is the only member of Congress featured on the calendar. Beneath her picture is the following quotation: “Since the fall of Adam, freedom has not been the natural condition of man. However, America has chosen to light a candle, rather than curse the darkness, with the bright promise of life, liberty and freedom.”

A making-of video is below.

(Tipped by JMG reader Eric in Minnesota)