PFOX: Hate Crimes Laws Are “Anti-Ex-Gay”

Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays are opposing the Matthew Shepard Act, a honking contradiction since they wildly celebrated their recent inclusion in Washington DC’s list of sexual orientation protections. But no one ever accused the “ex-gays” of making sense. Washington City Paper’s Amanda Hess:

Let’s try to pick that one apart, shall we? According to PFOX, hate crime laws protecting gays and lesbians themselves constitute hate crimes against ex-gays. Because if you tell people that they can’t beat up people because they’re gay, you discriminate against the people who beat up gay people because they are gay! It is you who are committing the “anti-ex-gay hate crime,” because if people aren’t allowed to hate gay people, how will PFOX ever find any ex-gay people? Shame on you all!

Everybody got that?