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Televangelist Mary Colbert: Trump’s Filthy Fucking Potty Mouth Only Proves How Much He’s Like Jesus [VIDEO]

According to scamvangelist Mary Colbert, Trump’s use of “rough language” only proves how much he’s totally like Jesus. Seriously. Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch: Colbert said that Christians who oppose Trump because of his use of “rough language” must also “have a problem with Jesus because he spoke to the Pharisees and Sadducees and said, ‘You vipers, you …

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Christian Activist: God Will Curse The Children And Grandchildren Of Trump’s Opponents [VIDEO]

“It’s not that Donald Trump is all that perfect of a guy. We all know he’s not. And we know that he’s not necessarily perfect in every way that we would like. That’s not how God works. He works through the ones he chooses. We don’t choose them. All we have to do is recognize them and when you recognize …

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