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British Documentary: World Congress Of Families And NOM Are Fomenting Anti-Gay Violence Across Africa

Last night Britain’s Channel 4 aired Hunted: Gay And Afraid, which points to US-based Christian groups such as the World Congress Of Families and NOM as fomenting anti-LGBT violence across Africa. The Independent reviews: MacKean’s film focused not on the victims but on the “villains”, specifically the World Congress of Families, an organisation which, though based in the US, has …

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Kremlin To Host Hate Group Convention

In September the virulently anti-gay World Congress of Families will hold its convention at the Kremlin. Via press release: World Congress of Families VIII with the theme “Every Child A Gift: Large Families, the Future of Humanity” will be held in Moscow, September 10-12, 2014 to gather all people of goodwill who affirm the natural family as the fundamental institution …

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