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Carlson: “Traditional Masculine Virtue Is Now Illegal”

Media Matters has the transcript: TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): Professional sports were a masculine domain. Any expression of masculine sensibility, the traditional masculine virtue is now illegal so the left just kind of came in and took over professional sports. That seems like what happened. CLAY TRAVIS (GUEST): You’re 100% right. Masculine virtues apparently include pretending that the Capitol riot was …

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CNN Cuts Segment After Fox Douchebag Says He Only Believes In The First Amendment And Boobs [VIDEO]

AmericaBlog reports: Unbelievable. Fox Sports analyst Clay Travis just told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that he loves “boobs,” in a conversation about ESPN host Jemele Hill calling Donald Trump a white supremacist. Baldwin was taken aback at first, and once she confirmed what Travis had said — he continued to talk about his love of boobs, repeatedly — Baldwin said she …

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