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BRITAIN: Hate Group Stages Protest After Cinema Cancels Showing Of Ex-Gay Torture Movie [VIDEO]

The BBC reports: Dozens of protesters have gathered outside a London cinema to protest against the cancellation of a screening of a film advocating therapy to “cure” people from being gay. Christian group Core Issues Trust hired a screen at Vue Piccadilly, in the West End, to show its film – the Voices of the Silenced. But the cinema cancelled …

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SCOTLAND: American Pastor Arrested For Homophobic Street Preaching

Last July, former Los Angeles County police officer Tony Miano, was arrested and released without charges in London for using homophobic speech as he preached to passersby on the street. And now he’s been arrested in Scotland for the same thing. The British hate group Christian Concern is, of course, outraged. Here’s their  account of the arrest, which they claim …

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Homocon Robert Oscar Lopez Records Anti-Gay Clip For British Hate Group

This was made for Christian Concern, Britain’s version of the Family Research Council and the home of that pinch-faced woman who channeled Minnesota’s Kally Yanta in dozens of anti-gay clips. Earlier this year Lopez filed a SCOTUS brief against the overturn of DOMA and spoke onstage at one of France’s massive hate rallies.

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