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Trump Cultists Call For Lethal Force Against Protesters

Jared Holt reports at Right Wing Watch: Right-wing politicians and personalities have demanded that the nation’s police engage in extrajudicial acts of violence against people protesting the ​police killing of George Floyd. Cassandra Fairbanks, a far-right media personality, posted messages throughout the weekend calling for protesters to be harmed and killed by the government, expressing her desire for Trump to …

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Federal Judge Calls Gateway Pundit Writer A “Troll” In Dismissal Of Defamation Suit Over “OKAY” Hand Sign

Courthouse News reports: A federal judge ruled Wednesday that a writer who claimed to be defamed by a tweet allegedly showing him making a white power hand gesture failed to show the Fusion journalist who posted the image did so with actual malice. On April 28, 2017, Fusion journalist Emma Roller posted a tweet that said “Just two people doing …

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