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Fox Guest: Lockdown Deaths May Exceed COVID Deaths

“The numbers related to drug overdose death are right out of the National Bureau of Economic Research. The numbers relating to the length between unemployment and suicide come right out of the very prestigious medical journal Lancet. So, instead of relying on theoretical models, as we are to predict coronavirus deaths, we are relying on actual historical facts to predict …

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Fox News Guest Denies Big Pharma’s Culpability For Opioid Epidemic: Should The Obese Sue McDonald’s?

“The fact is, this is the trial lawyers and ambitious politicians out to make a quick buck. Because the evidence shows that legitimately prescribed opioids are not to blame for this epidemic of deaths. The Annals of Internal Medicine has a new study showing that 87% of people taken to the ER for an opioid overdose were not prescribed opioids …

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