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GREECE: Archeologists Find Possible Remains Of Alexander The Great’s Lover

Via Discovery News: A skeleton has emerged from the Alexander the Great-era tomb in Amphipolis in northern Greece, according to a news announcement by the Greek Ministry of Culture on Wednesday. At least one archaeologist has suggested that the remains, if male, could belong to Hephaestion, a close friend and possible lover of Alexander the Great — or someone like …

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World’s Oldest Erotic Graffiti Found, Text Boasts Of Gay Love Affair

The world’s earliest erotic graffiti has been found on a remote Greek island. Amidst two phalluses is a line that boasts of a gay love affair. Chiselled into the outcrops of dolomite limestone that dot the cape, the inscriptions have provided invaluable insight into the private lives of those who inhabited archaic and classical Greece. One, believed to have been …

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NYC Archeologists Find 200 Year-Old Douche That Isn’t Phyllis Schlafly

Archeologists digging at New York City Hall have unearthed a douche that dates to the early 19th century. “At first we thought it was maybe a spice-grinder or needle case,” said Alyssa Loorya, president of Chrysalis Archaeology, the firm that oversaw the dig, part of a Department of Design and Construction rehabilitation project at City Hall. “We were stumped.” The …

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