All Of MAGA World Falls For “Professional Shitposter”

The Daily Beast reports:

Judge Juan Merchan on Friday notified both the prosecution and defense in Donald Trump’s historic hush-money trial about a bizarre comment posted to the New York Courts Facebook page claiming to have insight from a “juror” prior to Trump’s conviction.

In a brief letter addressed to both defense attorney Todd Blanche and Manhattan ADA Joshua Steinglass, Merchan informed both parties that the court had “been made aware” of a comment posted to the courts system’s public Facebook page on May 29, one day before the verdict was issued.

The comment, quoted in the letter, reads: “My cousin is a juror and says Trump is getting convicted 🎉 Thank you folks for all your hard work!!!! ❤️.” The New York Courts’ Facebook page is no stranger to troll comments attacking Trump, Judge Merchan, and other players.

The Meidas Touch reports:

On May 20th, the NY Courts Facebook page posted about their chat with Judge Jeffrey K. Oing for their Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Diversity Dialogue. These posts often attract racist trolls and bigots in the comments.

As it turns out, the “Michael Anderson” account describes itself as a “transabled and a professional shit poster.” The account also has a header that reads, “Facebook, wasting peoples lives since 2004.” The account also claims his nickname is “fuck you.”

This appears to be a transphobic account that targeted a post on diversity to spread a bizarre and twisted pro-Trump message. If this sounds confusing, this is how trolls often work.

Since Merchan issued his letter, virtually all of MAGA world fell for this self-proclaimed shitposter, calling for an immediate mistrial.

There is zero evidence that this person actually has a cousin on the jury, but that hasn’t stopped Fox News, Newsmax, elected Republicans, and prominent cultists from exploding in self-righteous glee and “outrage.”

Trump himself reacted last night with a single word on Truth Social: “MISTRIAL!” So far, the cultists are conveniently ignoring a post issued yesterday in which said shitposter, perhaps fearing legal action, admitted to the prank.

Of note and as you’ll see below, the shitposter’s profile photo is that of the infamous late punk rocker GG Allin, who among other antics, was known for defecating on stage. Allin died of a drug overdose in 1993 at age 36.