Texas Speaker Censured For AG Impeachment Attempt

Axios reports:

The Texas GOP’s executive committee voted to censure House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) on Saturday for his part in the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton and appointing Democrats to chair House committees, among other issues. The censure measure is another instance of the deep infighting that has marked the Texas GOP in the past year, with an ultra-conservative faction often battling with other party members. Phelan previously called on the GOP to cut ties with “the rot” that exists within the party.

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The above-cited rot, as I’ve reported multiple times, is the Texas GOP’s close affiliation with literal Nazis who are bankrolled by a pair of fracking billionaires who have funneled millions to Texas Republicans.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick got a $3 million donation shortly before he presided over Paxton’s impeachment trial. The Texas GOP recently voted against disaffiliating themselves with such groups.

As a reminder, the Texas GOP’s platform formally declares marriage to be “God-ordained as between one man and one woman for life.” Paxton was exposed for an adulterous affair ahead of his impeachment trial.