Rubio Defends Trump’s Attack On Haley’s Husband And Denies That Trump Encouraged Attack On NATO Allies

“I mean, they’re calling him a grumpy old man. They’re attacking Donald Trump. I remember when Melania Trump was not visible for some period of time. You have people in the media and others snickering and speculating that she was no longer with Donald Trump.

“We find out later, of course, that she was caring for her ailing mother, who was in the last weeks and days of her life. So this sort of nastiness, you know, Trump gives us as good as he gets.” – Sen. Marco Rubio, defending Trump’s attack on Nikki Haley’s “missing” husband.

In 2016, Rubio called Trump’s attacks on Sen. John McCain’s military service as “disqualifying.

Rubio this morning also denied that Trump encouraged attacks on NATO countries, something the entire world saw with their own eyes.