Kentucky Gov Gets Bill Banning LGBTQ-Themed Books

Lexington’s NPR affiliate reports:

Kentucky lawmakers sent a controversial bill criticized as a “book-banning” measure to the desk of Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear Wednesday night. After more than an hour of heated debate the measure cleared the GOP-controlled House 80-18. All Republicans supported the measure, joined by one Democrat, Rep. Ashley Tackett Laferty. Most of the titles targeted center LGBTQ voices, or are written by Black or Latino authors.

If Beshear vetoes the measure, lawmakers can easily override the move. Democratic Rep. Josie Raymond, of Louisville, said she had looked over the so-called “obscene” materials supporters of SB 5 were circulating. Most she said, discussed sexual assault, sex abuse, incest or human trafficking. “They were not meant to arouse. They were not arousing,” Raymond said.

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Photo: Rep. Russell Webber, sponsor.