Shapiro: The US Might See “A Soft Version Of Brexit”

Media Matters has the transcript:

There’s not going to be a secession. It’s not going to happen. The reason it’s not going to happen is because there is a massive national military with control over thousands of nuclear weapons. So, the notion that Florida or Texas is going to officially secede, just leave the union entirely, is wrong.

What you might get is a soft version of Brexit, which is it’s still part of the federal constellation, you still pay federal taxes, but the amount of authority that the federal government exercises over the states is radically decreased.

More in line with the original vision of what the American government was supposed to be – weak at the national level, strong at the state level. You can get together on a few big things like national defense.

If you read the Constitution, that’s what it was supposed to be. That would not be secession. There would be a reinstallation of the way that the Founding Fathers saw the mechanisms of federalism.