Fox Host Blames McConnell For Failing To Prevent Riot

“You have Mitch McConnell complaining about this, I recall. Let’s see here. So, Mitch McConnell is very disturbed by this. Well, if you ask me, Mitch McConnell is very disturbed. He’s a fraud, a phony and a fool. Well, somebody let down the security at that building. I don’t know if it was the chief law enforcement official there, but I do know it was partly you, Mitch McConnell. And we still don’t know, we still don’t know about Mitch McConnell’s responsibility for failing to secure that building. He has some responsibility, he did at the time. What the hell did he do? We still don’t know.” – Mark Levin, angry about McConnell’s condemnation yesterday of Tucker Carlson’s lies.