CPAC Rented Booth To Convicted Child Sex Offender

The SPLC’s HateWatch reports:

Daryl Brooks manned a booth at CPAC to sell his book Welcome to America: How Cultural Marxism is Slowly Destroying America alongside his co-author, Stephen Martino. The book warns of “cultural Marxism,” a common boogeyman among the conservative and hard-right movements.

A court convicted Brooks of masturbating in public in 1995, The Philadelphia Tribune reported. He was also convicted for exposing himself to two minors in New Jersey in 1998, according to The Times of Trenton. Brooks does not appear in either state’s state sex-offender registry.

Read the full article. Brooks’ history of sex convictions also made news here on JMG in November 2020 when he appeared alongside Rudy Giuliani as an “expert witness” during Giuliani’s infamous press conference in the parking lot of a Philadelphia dildo shop next door to Four Seasons Total Landscaping.