Boebert’s Speech At CO High School Enrages Locals

The Durango Herald reports:

Many parents opted to keep their children home amid concerns for their children’s safety after the announcement that U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert would hold a Q&A with Dolores High School students Wednesday during her trip to Southwest Colorado for water-related meetings.

On Monday, the Dolores secondary school administration emailed parents about the Republican representative’s visit. After the email, reactions from parents expressed concerns about safety and whether the visit would become a political event.

Parents said they were concerned that Boebert would bring a firearm on campus. She is known for conceal carrying. “We have confirmed and re-confirmed with the Congresswoman’s staff that she will not have a firearm with her while she is on campus,” the district said.

Boebert claims she gave a non-partisan speech about “civics and government.” The above-linked paper’s editorial board weighed in on that claim today:

She spoke about “moral decay”; becoming aware of issues that could infringe on students’ rights; the Freedom Caucus, a conservative group of GOP representatives; and liberties infringed on during the pandemic.

Apparently, she also told students they should know about those issues and let it motivate them to stand up for their freedom.

Come on! This is Boebert’s brand on stage in front of students without parents present. It wasn’t that long ago – Oct. 3, 2022, to be exact – that Boebert said Durango schools had litter boxes for students who identify as cats at a Mesa County Republican Women’s luncheon.