Bartiromo: Why Did They Shove Vaccines “Down Our Throats” When Everybody Knows Horse Paste Works?

Mediaite reports:

Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo interviewed Sen. Rand Paul on Thursday about his longstanding criticism of  Fauci and the government’s handling of the  pandemic. The heavy-handed interview, which saw Bartiromo spin conspiracies related to  Covid vaccines, began with her blasting Biden and suggesting one reason the public still doesn’t know the origins of the Covid is because he is “compromised” by China.

Bartiromo declared, “Well, there were also all these lies around the emergency authorization. They needed the emergency authorization to get the vaccines down everybody’s throats. But in order to do that, they had to prove that there was nothing else on the market that could actually treat COVID. When we all know ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine were effective, weren’t they?”

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