Graham Hails Hate Pastor On Trial For Inciting Violence

Posted today to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

Pastor Pawlowski has been attacked by the Canadian government because he dared to have a church service for the truckers at the border blockade (and earlier for his parishioners).

He’s been fined and jailed. I can’t help but like this guy! He’s got guts to stand up for his rights! And I love those truckers too.

Pray that the judges and those in power see that this man has been unjustly penalized. His trial started today. Let Pastor Pawlowski know that you are praying for him in the comments below.

Graham, as most Canadians know, is lying:

The trial for Artur Pawlowski began Thursday in southern Alberta on charges of breaching a release order and mischief for inciting people to block public property at the border crossing at Coutts, Alta. He is also charged under the Alberta Critical Infrastructure Defence Act with the willfully damaging or destroying essential infrastructure.

The blockade that began in late January 2022 paralyzed Alberta’s main U.S. border crossing for more than two weeks. The pastor also told the crowd there weren’t enough police or a big enough army to deal with the protesters. He was arrested days later.

Artur Pawloski has appeared on JMG several times for COVID-related arrests. During his roadside arrest in early 2022 for harassing public health officials, he called police officers “Nazis.”

Pawlowski is fond of blaming natural disasters on God’s anger over LGBT civil rights, once telling the families of flood victims that the fatal waters were God’s tears over society’s acceptance of homosexuality.

He first appeared on JMG way back in 2010 when Canada revoked his then-church’s tax-exempt status for violating laws on political activities by churches.