Alaska GOP Rep: Fatal Child Abuse Benefits Society

The Anchorage Daily News reports:

Wasilla Republican Rep. David Eastman sparked outrage online after asking whether there could be economic benefits from the death of abused children.

“It can be argued, periodically, that it’s actually a cost savings because that child is not going to need any of those government services that they might otherwise be entitled to receive and need based on growing up in this type of environment,” he said.

When asked if he just said child abuse deaths could “benefit” society, Eastman replied: “I’m talking dollars.” Eastman has long attracted controversy in the state Capitol. He was censured in 2017 after claiming that women in rural villages try to get pregnant so they can get a free trip to the city for an abortion.

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Eastman first appeared on JMG last year when his membership in the Oath Keepers and attendance at the Capitol Riot spurred a failed attempt to expel him based on a “disloyalty” clause in Alaska’s state constitution.