AK Rep Censured For Comment On Fatal Child Abuse

The Associated Press reports:

An Alaska lawmaker with a history of incendiary remarks was censured by the state House Wednesday after he said it has been argued that cases of fatal child abuse can be a “cost savings” because the child won’t need related government services. The House voted 35-1 to censure Republican Rep. David Eastman of Wasilla, with Eastman the lone dissent. Eastman was previously censured, in 2017, over comments he made suggesting there are women in Alaska who try to get pregnant to get a “free trip to the city” for abortions.

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Eastman first appeared on JMG last year when his membership in the Oath Keepers and attendance at the Capitol Riot spurred a failed attempt to expel him based on a “disloyalty” clause in Alaska’s state constitution.