Thankful Nation Avoids Vaccine Zombie Apocalypse

From my May 2022 post:

Retired Army Lieutenant General and disgraced ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is a notorious peddler of outlandish conspiracy theories, especially those that originate inside QAnon or spew from the pouty lips of former President Donald Trump. On Sunday, Flynn endorsed yet another fringe – and absolutely looney – conservative delusion about COVID-19 vaccinations during an appearance on right-wing radio host Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour.

According to Flynn and Clark, COVID vaccines contain “dormant pathogens” that will be triggered into action when 5G towers (presumably all at once all over the world) issue an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute.

The signal causes “IP36 gene deletion” among the vaccinated. And that’s when the eating of brains begins.

Earlier this week, the dedicated scientists at QAnon headquarters determined that the above-cited signal would be issued yesterday, warning everyone to therefore stay away from anybody who has been vaccinated if they want to keep their brains.