Fox Host Declares He Is “Pro-Disinformation” [VIDEO]

The Daily Beast reports:

During Friday’s broadcast of The Five, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld proclaimed that he is “pro-disinformation” after a co-host recalled her encounters with online disinformation regarding the effect of the COVID-19 vaccine on pregnancies. The disinformation that Jessica Tarlov described originated from a small but influential group of people that the Center for Countering Digital Hate called “The Disinformation Dozen.”

“I am pro-disinformation because one man’s disinformation is another person’s fact, right?” said Gutfeld, who advised viewers against receiving a COVID-19 booster shot during the Omicron variant surge last winter. “A censor never says they’re a censor. They just say they’re concerned about your health,” he claimed. “And so they use medical information now as kind of their weaponry to start curtailing information. So, disinformation has now become the new hate speech, right?”

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