CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Deadline reports:

The harassment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at a Washington, D.C. steakhouse may only be the appetizer to further incidents, if an activist group has its way.

ShutDownDC is promising a bounty of $50 to anyone who provides a “confirmed sighting” of Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett or John Roberts at any DC area public space, upping that to $200 if they remain in that location for a half-hour.

Twitter has not commented on whether it will continue to allow the post. The service has a policy against encouraging others to harass an individual or group of people. On Wednesday of this week, Kavanaugh was forced to leave a Morton’s steakhouse via a back exit after pro-choice demonstrators came to the venue.

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