Fired Christians Sue Disney Over Vax, Mask Mandates

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Three Walt Disney World workers who refused to wear masks or get vaccinated against COVID have sued the company, saying they were fired for opposing the rules because of their religious beliefs. The ex-employees, Barbara Andreas, Stephen Cribb and Adam Pajer, say they worked with Disney between seven and 20 years.

They claimed Christian scripture instructed them to keep their bodies free of harmful or foreign substances, court records show. They also said they opposed the use of “fetal cells” in vaccine development.

Andreas said masking her face would be an affront to God since “we are made in his image,” records show. The former employees refer to the COVID-19 vaccine as a “a medical experiment,” and a “known poison.” Andreas said covering her face at work would be “sinful.”

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The lawsuit cites multiple bible verses in regards to face coverings and “unlawful contamination of the blood.”

The splash page of the their lawyers’ website screams “Exposing Corruption, Combating Tyranny, and Uniting America.”

DeSantis signed a law last year which forbids employers from enforcement vaccine or mask mandates.