Man Who Believes In Coming 5G Tower COVID Vaccine Zombie Apocalypse To Rally For Loony Laura Loomer

First, a message from Loomer’s Telegram account:

Liars in the fake news media grasping for straws with things to attack me over. From illegally coordinating with other fake candidates, to lying about my residency, and even going as far as attacking me over my appearance and spreading lies about my career, the establishment is terrified.

Lots of fake news reports out there! The newest one says I haven’t changed my address? Nonsense. I changed my residency the same month I filed to run for office and I live in Lake County. This is literally all public information, but all these people know how to do is LIE.

If the liars in the fake news media who are probably getting paid by Dan Webster and his unethical staffers (who are in violation of the Hatch act) would do 1 minute of research, they would see my address is local, and I have changed my address.

Sounds to me like my RINO opponent and his sabateur minions need to get a legal lesson in THE HATCH ACT. You know, people go to jail over violating the Hatch Act. Just more evidence as to why Dan Webster is unfit to serve.

I support school choice and parental rights. I believe parents who choose to home school their children should receive tax refunds from the IRS. I encourage more parents to homeschool their children if they are able to do so.

Sending your child to the public school system in America is one of the most dangerous things you can do these days, in light of Marxist indoctrination, CRT, historical revisionism, and sexual perversion.