Attention Turns To QAnon Ginni’s Consulting Firm

CNBC reports:

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas runs a little-known consulting company that some campaign watchdog groups say could create yet another conflict of interest for her husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Very little is known about her company, Liberty Consulting, which is listed as an asset on her husband’s Supreme Court disclosures. CNBC was able to find some of her conservative-leaning clients by cross-checking Virginia business records.

Located in a nondescript strip mall in suburban Virginia, Liberty Consulting’s few known clients include the Center for Security Policy, a nonprofit founded by a conservative activist accused of anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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The Center for Security Policy has been listed as an anti-Muslim hate group by the SPLC. Its founder, Frank Gaffney, was among the leaders of the “Obama is secretly Muslim” claims.

His group also accused former top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Trump cited reports from Gaffney’s group to defend his ban on immigration from Muslim nations. Gaffney has been banned from attending CPAC at least once.