Perkins: “Totalitarian Trudeau” Is Imprisoning Pastors

Via press release from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Three weeks — that’s how long Pastor Artur Pawlowski has spent behind bars without a trial. He was denied bail in mid-February, although “he doesn’t have a court date pending until March 10th or 11th,” explained reporter Adam Soos.

Pawlowski isn’t in North Korea or China. No, he was targeted by Justin Trudeau’s totalitarian regime of Canada.

You would think a man jailed three times since COVID began, and arrested five times, would have to be some sort of criminal, hardened through long habit and a well-seared conscience.

In reality, Canadian officials can’t tell the difference between a criminal and a Christian.

Pastor Pawlowski is the first person ever charged under the Great North’s “Critical Infrastructure Defense Act,” which authorizes “extraordinary measures… largely intended for blockades of pipeline constructions or railways,” Soos explained.

Pawlowski didn’t block anything. All he did was go down to the Cootes border crossing to preach.