Junior Launches “Drudge Killer” News Aggregation App

Mediaite reports:

Donald Trump Jr. is following in his father’s footsteps by announcing he will launch an online platform to compete with one that’s been mean to people named Trump.

Trump Jr. is working with some of former President Donald Trump’s former staffers on “MxM News,” a news aggregation app “that they hope will compete with the likes of Apple News and Google News” and “to fill a void left by the Drudge Report’s waning influence.”

MxM News faces other challenges from Apple and Google’s self-branded news services being both better known and Apple News specifically being pre-installed on millions of iPhones and other Apple devices. The aggregated news space is further crowded by apps like SmartNews.

Axios reports:

MxM (“minute by minute”) News is a free mobile news aggregation app that curates stories from a variety of publishers across the ideological spectrum, according to a spokesperson. The app will focus first on accruing users, before exploring ways to monetize its audience.

A spokesperson for MxM says it will explore syndication agreements and ways for users to access premium content from specific publishers as possible revenue opportunities.

Telegraph Creative, whose CEO is former Trump White House aide and deputy director of national intelligence Cliff Sims, is an equity partner in the company. Telegraph designed and developed the mobile app.

Of note, the above-mentioned Cliff Sims sued Trump in 2019 when Trump tried to block the release of his “Team Of Vipers” tell-all book about the 2016 campaign.