Trump’s QAnon Pick For AZ Secretary Of State Claimed COVID Doesn’t Exist, Vaccine Is Fatal After Two Years

CNN reports:

Mark Finchem, the Arizona secretary of state candidate backed by former President Donald Trump, spread dangerous misinformation about the Covid-19 pandemic on social media, calling the vaccine a “crime against humanity,” implying it was a “bio-weapon.”

A CNN KFile review of Finchem’s social media postings on platforms popular with the extreme right wing found that he repeatedly promoted anti-vaccine rhetoric and other false claims about possible Covid-19 treatments, the efficacy of mask-wearing and the severity of the virus.

In July 2021, Finchem shared an article from a conspiracy website frequented by the far right that falsely says “the life expectancy of all who have taken the [vaccine] is only 2 years,” because it alters human blood cells, claims that have been thoroughly debunked.

Read the full article. There’s MUCH more crazy. As I’ve previously reported, Finchem is an Oath Keeper and QAnon nutbag and was subpoenaed by the riot committee this week for his role in the fake electors scandal.