Red Sox Axe Player After Racist, Anti-LGBT Twitter Rant

The New York Daily News reports:

He might’ve played in the minor leagues, but he brought some major bigotry. The Boston Red Sox released minor leaguer Brett Netzer on Saturday, shortly after Netzer went on a racist and homophobic Twitter rant that also targeted Jews and Christians.

He then replied to a report that mentioned his tweets.  “I’ll go along with racist and homophobic, but anti-Semitic? That’s too far,” he said. “Bloom is a hypocrite and an embarrassment to any Torah-following Jew.”

He then threw in an anti-Christian rant for good measure, saying he was “a million times more anti-Christian than anti-anything else” and that “the only bigger fraud than Chaim Bloom is Jesus himself.”

Read the full article. Bloom is the director of personnel for the Red Sox organization.