George Conway: Trump Should Be Read Miranda Rights

“Somebody really should read him his Miranda rights. He just is incriminating himself with all of these statements. This is just absurd.

“He’s just not a smart man. He’s a very arrogant man. Sometimes, every so often, when it comes to his bad intent, he tells the truth. That’s what he’s telling here.

“He wanted this election to be overturned against the results, against the will of the people. He wanted to end constitutional democracy in the United States, and he’s just out and admitting it now.

“He’s essentially threatening prosecutors in New York, the District of Columbia and in Atlanta for basically doing their jobs, to investigate things that he did.

“He doesn’t care about the country. He doesn’t care about morality. He doesn’t care about right and wrong. He doesn’t care about democracy, doesn’t care about the people he sends up to Capitol Hill who might get hurt.

“He doesn’t care about the police officers who get hurt. He only cares about one thing, and that’s himself.

“It’s just a complete disgrace, he’s beneath contempt, and the notion that he could possibly run for president again and be elected is a stain on the United States Senate, which could have prevented that.” – George Conway, on CNN.