DeSantis Spox Suggests Orlando Nazis Are Fake

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

After a group wearing Nazi symbols was seen demonstrating — and yelling antisemitic slurs — in the Orlando area over the weekend, local and statewide officials issued statements condemning their actions as hateful and disturbing. However, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis did not immediately add to the bipartisan denunciations — and his top spokesperson sparked controversy by questioning whether the swastika-clad demonstrators were actually Nazis.

“Do we even know they’re Nazis?” Christina Pushaw posted in a since-deleted tweet, according to “I trust Florida law enforcement to investigate and am awaiting their conclusions.” Despite having deleted her tweet, Pushaw has since retweeted several posts defending her skepticism of the Orlando demonstrations and criticizing those asking for the governor to weigh in on them, while also adding “we have always condemned antisemitism and hate.”

Read the full article. The Nazi group is based in Kissimmee, which about 30 miles south of Orlando near Disney World. They are well known to the SPLC and Jewish organizations.