Zoo Tiger Killed After Mauling Florida Idiot [VIDEO]

The Naples Daily News reports:

A man suffered serious injuries Wednesday when he attempted to feed or pet a tiger after hours at the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. According to Collier County Sheriff’s Office, a member of a third-party cleaning service, a man in his 20s, entered an unauthorized area near the tiger that was inside its enclosure.

The tiger was shot by sheriff’s deputies in an effort to free the man. It later died, according to a zoo spokesperson. Preliminary information indicates that the man was either petting or feeding the animal, sticking his hand through fencing and the tiger grabbed his arm and pulled it into the enclosure.

ABC News reports:

A deputy responded to the zoo around 6:30 p.m. and found the man with his arm in the tiger’s mouth. The deputy kicked the enclosure in an attempt to get the tiger to release the arm, but was “forced” to shoot the animal, authorities said.

The cleaner suffered serious injuries and was transported to an area hospital, authorities said. Lee Memorial Hospital Emergency Department confirmed to ABC News it had received a patient via medical helicopter from Naples with injuries related to a tiger attack.

Malayan tigers are a critically endangered species, according to the zoo’s website, noting that in the wild there are only about 200 of the tigers left. The Naples Zoo stated it will be closed on Thursday because of the incident.

The zoo had tweeted about the tiger two days ago. The cleaning service was contracted to clean the restrooms and gift shop only.