NYT Rebukes Rubio: You’re Risking Journalists’ Lives

An open letter to Rubio from the New York Times:

Dear Senator Rubio, Your most recent letter again misrepresented our work and the courageous efforts of our sources and our reporters to make this tragic story known to the world. And we want to make clear that your demands are not just antithetical to a free press, they may actually put lives at risk.

The New York Times not only broke the story of Xi Jinping’s secret speeches but gave the public a full and complete portrait of the systematic detention and abuse of the Uyghurs in China.

Our newsroom obtained and thoroughly mined a trove of secret Chinese government documents. But for the work of our journalists, the very matter you claim to be investigating — the orchestration of the brutal crackdown on Uyghurs by Chinese President Xi Jinping himself — may never have come to light.

Read the full letter. Whoa.