Italian Anti-Vax Leader Changes Mind About Something

Italy’s wire service ANSA reports:

The leader of the Treviso branch of Italy’s anti-vax movement has ‘converted’ to believing in COVID science after being hospitalised in the northern city with a nasty bout of the virus, sources said Wednesday.

Lorenzo Damiano led protests by anti-vaxxers and COVID deniers in Treviso near Venice against the Green Pass health certificate and stood as a ‘Nuremberg #2’ candidate in a nearby mayoral contest saying that vaccine skeptics were being treated like Holocaust victims.

But after his recent spell in intensive care, Damiano told reporters “after this period I now have a different vision of the world, and I’m going to get vaccinated”.

Sorry Anti-Vaxxer has the usual roundup of his anti-vax batshittery and notes that he’s also on the “Trump will be reinstated” crazy train.