Rittenhouse Murder Trial Jury Selected In Just One Day

The New York Times reports:

A jury in Kenosha County was seated in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse on Monday, an unusually swift process that was completed with a flood of questioning on a single day.

A large number of prospective jurors — about 150 people — were summoned on Monday to the Kenosha County Courthouse downtown, a reflection of the outsize attention the trial has attracted in a city that was torn by civil unrest and gun violence last year.

Dozens of people were dismissed throughout the day and into the early evening, until the number of jurors was winnowed down to 20, a panel made up of 11 women and nine men. Twenty jurors will hear the case, and that number will be cut to 12 to reach a verdict. Kenosha County is 75 percent white, and the jury was overwhelmingly white.

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Last week the judge in the case ruled that prosecutors may not refer to those killed by Rittenhouse as “victims.”