Only 34 NYPD Officers So Far Placed On Unpaid Leave

The New York Daily News reports:

Only a few a dozen NYPD members were placed on unpaid leave Monday after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine — but thousands of unvaccinated employees remain on the job with pending exemption requests, the city’s top cop said. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said 34 cops and 40 civilian members of the force — which account for fewer than .15 percent of NYPD employees — did not comply with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandate.

The NYPD’s current vaccination rate was 85 percent Monday morning, which reflects a nearly 15-point jump from the start of last week, leaving just under 8,000 uniformed and civilian members without the jab. Police sources told us roughly 6,500 of those employees put in requests to be exempt from the COVID vaccine on the urging of police unions as they attempt to fight the mandate in court.

Read the full article. The NYPD is expected to reject religious exemption requests from officers who have no history of requesting time off for religious reasons.