Polish Lawmakers Consider Bill To Ban Pride Parades

The Associated Press reports

Polish lawmakers held an emotional debate Thursday on proposed legislation dubbed “Stop LGBT,” which would ban pride parades and other public gatherings deemed to “promote” same-sex relationships.

The lawmakers are due to vote Friday on whether to reject or continue work on the proposal, which is a citizen’s legislative initiative that was submitted to parliament by conservative activists.

One of the activists who presented the bill, Krzysztof Kasprzak, opened his speech to lawmakers by describing the LGBT rights movement as a form of totalitarianism. He compared it to Nazism, and accused it of seeking “to overthrow the natural order and introduce terror.”

Read the full article. Under Poland’s legislative rules, citizens can force consideration of a bill if they raise 100,000 petition signatures. In this case, 140,000 signatures were raised by the anti-LGBT Life And Family Foundation.