Graham Hails GOP Gov For Offer To Hire Anti-Vax Cops

Posted to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

Even though he has personally taken the coronavirus vaccine and supports it, Gov. Dunleavy is NOT implementing government vaccine mandates in Alaska. So he’s inviting police officers who’ve lost their jobs because of mandates by their state or local governments to come and go to work there!

Gov. Dunleavy said, “Across the country, members of law enforcement are being targeted & even fired for refusing to get vaccinated or disclose if they have been. Alaska’s law enforcement community invites you to consider the 49th state where we back the blue.”

The socialist progressive leadership who are trying to enforce government vaccine mandates across our country are wreaking havoc on the lives of dedicated law enforcement, healthcare workers, and more. Thank you for doing such a good job and backing the blue Gov. Dunleavy! Pray for him as he leads the great state of Alaska.

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