Fox Host: The COVID Vaccine Is “Not Really A Vaccine”

“They’ve obliterated the sovereignty of this nation. They are implementing an open border policy. They are literally implementing the ideology of the Open Society Foundation, and nobody wants to talk about that.

“It’s the big elephant in the room, but they have advisors from that organization who are advising the Biden administration.

This is their policy of safe, orderly, legal ways of regular and irregular migration and it’s not just the people in the Darién Gap coming from Panama, it’s all of the people that they say have a legal right to head for this country.

“And the UNICEF and the U.N. provide the guide not to how to get to safety, but how to cross all the other countries of the world and make a beeline for this nation, because when they are done, there will not be an America.

“We don’t have sovereignty of our own bodies, we have to take a vaccine that’s not really a vaccine, it’s MRNA.” – Fox Nation host Lara Logan, last night on Hannity’s show.