Charlie Kirk: If China Hears About A VT High School’s “Godless” Drag Show, They’ll Invade Taiwan [VIDEO]

“Meanwhile, at a high school in Vermont, just to kind of show the state of the nation, what are they doing during a high school football game? Oh, they’re having a drag show.

“This is a report of a local news outlet that a high school, a public high school – this is in the godless, soulless, Burlington, Vermont – they have a drag show.

“Dave Chapelle is now being potentially cancelled for being hilarious. And it all ties together, all of this. The hyper-sensitivity, the inactivity, the anarcho-tyranny – all of it, kinda, comes together.

“But don’t worry everybody, according to the U.S. State Department it is International Pronoun Day. Everything’s great. It is International Pronoun Day.

“Meanwhile, China is testing hypersonic missiles. If I were Xi Jinping and I saw drag queen halftime show, I would take Taiwan over lunch. And the State Department says it’s International Pronoun Day.

“This is a real thing — and, oh, Media Matters will love this – the transgender garbage is making America a dangerous place. It allows our enemies an opportunity to take us over.”- Charlie Kirk, on today’s show.