Draft AZ “Audit” Result Show Biden GAINING Votes

The Arizona Mirror reports:

After months of work and some $6 million spent, a so-called audit that Trump supporters claimed would show that the election had been stolen from the defeated president found that Joe Biden actually won Arizona by more votes than the official tally — and it found no conclusive evidence that the election had been influenced by fraud.

Draft reports from the review that Senate President Karen Fann [photo] commissioned of Maricopa County’s election results declared that a hand count of nearly 2.1 million ballots from the November 2020 election found Donald Trump had 261 fewer votes than the county’s official canvass gave him, while Biden had 99 more.

All told, Biden gained 360 votes in the Senate “audit” hand count — which was criticized by election experts as fundamentally flawed — giving him a victory of 45,469 votes in Maricopa County.

The Insider reports:

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday angrily accused Democrats of seeking to distract from the release of the result of the controversial vote audit in Maricopa County, Arizona. However, he appears to have launched the attack unaware of that details of the audit had already been released, confirming that the process confirmed that President Joe Biden won.

In the statement late Thursday, Trump hit out at the House of Representatives commission investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol, which on Thursday subpoenaed several allies and aides of the president. Trump claimed the move was timed to distract from the expected release on Friday of the result of the Maricopa County audit by the firm Cyber Ninjas.