Charlie Kirk Hails Border Agents For Abusing Migrants: “The Rule Of Law And A Christian With A Gun” [VIDEO]

“Border Patrol is now launching an investigation into the Border Patrol agents that are using a bridle or rein of a horse – not a whip – to go after migrants. Oh, I think it’s really acceptable.

“You have a guy with a bridle and a rein and meanwhile his country’s being investigated — I mean it’s being invaded and he’s trying to prevent that from happening. This is an act of international invasion. It’s perfectly acceptable, these people are criminals coming into our country.

“This is why the left hates cowboys because out here, a man settles his own problems. No government, no Fauci, no IRS, no NSA, no. It’s the rule of law and a Christian with a gun in each boot.” – Charlie Kirk, on his webcast.