Wisconsin GOP Bill Would Grant Jobless Benefits To Those Who Quit Or Get Fired After Refusing Vaccine

The Wisconsin Examiner reports:

The proposal would create an exemption to Wisconsin’s unemployment insurance law that would allow someone who is fired or voluntarily quits because an employer requires a COVID-19 vaccine, or proof of vaccination, to collect unemployment compensation. The lead sponsors of the legislation are Reps. Robert Brooks [photo], Dan Knodl, and Rick Gundrum  and Sen. Duey Stroebel.

“Individuals are better able to determine their personal healthcare needs than government bureaucrats, elected officials, or employers,” the co-sponsorship memo from the authors declares. “Protecting those rights is of paramount importance.” The legislation’s origins were in striking contrast to the stances that Wisconsin Republican lawmakers, including the sponsors, have taken to put tighter controls and restrictions on applicants for unemployment.

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