OOPS: Hungary Censors Carlson’s Interview With Orban

The Insider reports:

As he was broadcasting from Hungary last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson presented the Central European country as “freer” than the US and a model for the West.

It’s since come to light that a question Carlson asked during an interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán about Chinese leader Xi Jinping was scrapped from the official transcript Hungarian officials sent to reporters, which was first pointed out by Ben Novak of the New York Times.

Orbán has a close relationship with Beijing, which has emerged as a thorny issue with the Hungarian leader facing elections in 2022, and has downplayed the Chinese government’s human rights abuses. During the interview, Carlson described Xi as a leader who’s “murdered many of his political opponents.” Orbán avoided the issue and changed the subject.

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