Dallas School District Defies Governor On Face Masks

The Texas Tribune reports:

Resistance is growing to Gov. Greg Abbott’s May executive order that Texas schools can’t require masks, with an advocacy group suing to block the order and two of the state’s biggest districts indicating that they want to mandate masks anyway.

Dallas Independent School District officials announced Monday morning that they will require students and teachers to wear masks on campus. Houston Independent School Districts superintendent, Millard House II, has said he wants to issue a mandate, too, and a school board meeting for Texas’ biggest district to discuss the idea is scheduled for this week.

Meanwhile, the Southern Center for Child Advocacy, a nonprofit education group, filed a lawsuit Sunday night in Travis County against Abbott and his executive order prohibiting school districts, governmental bodies or any public or private entity that is receiving or will receive public funds from requiring masks.

Read the full article. Several school districts in Florida are also defying the ban on mask requirements.