Ex-Fiance Says Leading California GOP Recall Candidate Larry Elder Waved A Gun At Her While He Was High

Politico reports:

Alexandra Datig, the former fiancee and longtime radio producer for California GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, says she broke off an 18-month engagement with the conservative talk show host in 2015 after he waved a gun at her while high on marijuana.

Datig’s claim, which she regards as the culmination of a series of humiliating disputes that made her fearful for her safety and her ability to maintain her sobriety, comes as Elder has gained momentum in the recall to replace Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

But little is known about Elder’s personal life. Datig portrayed him as a marijuana user who would often become threatening or insistent with her, including in his repeated demands that she get a “Larry’s Girl” tattoo to show her devotion to him.

Read the full article. There’s much more. In the clip below, Elder expounds on his desire to make the minimum wage “zero-point-zero.” Last week Elder appeared at a far-right megachurch where the viciously anti-LGBT pastor “laid hands” upon him.